T-Mobile Dogs Commercial

T-Mobile Dogs Commercial

T-Mobile Dogs Commercial

After the ad starring Ariana Grande, T-Mobile has brought in dogs to promote the company’s limited-time offer which allows you to get 4 lines with just $35/month.

The 30-second “Dog Years” spot starts with a dog who can’t watch a movie anymore because he’s on Verizon and the data limit has been reached.

“C’mon, why doesn’t Verizon offer unlimited data like T-Mobile?”, asks nervously.

“Is it because their LTE network was built six years ago?” – asks another dog.

“Six years ago? That’s like a hundred in phone years”, says another dog, while sitting near his owner, in the park.
As the ad continues, the voiceover mentions that Verizon’s LTE network is “older, slower and they limit you”. He also suggests you to switch to T-Mobile, as they have a “newer, faster and unlimited network”, now covering 99% of the Americans Verizon covers, and to get 4 lines at just $35/month.

The end shows a dog finding a match on Tinder and the company’s tagline, “The Un-Carrier”.

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