Smirnoff Commercial Song – Moscow Mule 75th Anniversary

Smirnoff Commercial

Smirnoff Commercial

Smirnoff has released a new commercial, celebrating the Moscow Mule, invented by Smirnoff Vodka 75 years ago in Los Angeles, California.

The 60-second spot features John Martin, president of Smirnoff, recounting the invention of the Moscow Mule.
“I went to California and met a fellow by the name of Jack Morgan” – starts Martin his story, mentioning that Morgan owned a restaurant and had ginger beer prepared for him in LA, but didn’t have much success as Americans like ginger ale. Martin’s account continues with details about Morgan’s girlfriend, whose name was Rosalie Schmidt and had inherited a copper father from her father.

“One evening, Morgan, Rosalie Schmidt and I met at the bar of the restaurant and tried to think up a drink with vodka. We finally came up with the name Moscow Mule. Just how it originated I don’t know, but I imagine that it had to do with a kick” – reveals Martin as he finishes his story.

The commercial ends with the onscreen lines “Happy 75th Anniversary to the Moscow Mule” and “Invented by Smirnoff. Loved by Everyone”.

The song playing in the background is “Itotiani” by the four-piece American band Chicano Batman.

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