Samsung Gear S3 Commercial Song 2016 – How to be Super Dad

amsung Gear S3 Commercial

amsung Gear S3 Commercial

Samsung has released a series of new ads featuring the Samsung Gear S3. One of them shows you how to be Super Dad with the new device, which is “timeless outside” and “revolutionary inside”.

The spot starts with the presentation of the in-box items and showcases some of its most important features, introducing afterwards an ordinary dad who becomes Super Dad thanks to Gear S3. While at the supermarket with his two children, to shop for provisions, he gets an instant notification from his wife on Gear S3, who reminds him to buy milk, he pays with one simple move, by holding his Gear S3, which has Samsung Pay on it, near the POS system.

The next scene features another dad playing with his kids in the garden and planting flowers, without worrying about dusting or wetting his Gear S3, as this is water and dust resistant. Another dad, holding his little daughter in his arms, lets her play games on his Gear S3 downloaded from the App Store, another dad is shown as he spends time with his little daughter who rides him, paints his nails and takes his phone when someone is calling him. This is not a problem, though, as he can answer and have a conversation via his Gear S3, thanks to its built-in speaker.

Another dad manages to turn the alarm off in the morning without getting down the bed, just using the Gear S3.

The track used in this ad is “Blue Boy” by Antonio Sorgentone.

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