Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert 2016 – The Greatest Gift

Sainsbury's Christmas Advert 2016

Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert 2016

Sainsbury’s has released the Christmas advert, introducing Dave, a hard-working dad who wants to find the greatest gift he can give his family, but all sorts of “calamities” are getting in the way, such as responsibilities at work, train delays.
The supermarket chain has appealed to the latest animation techniques and laser-printed puppets to create the video, calling on British comedian James Corden to voiceover, singing actually as follows:
“Another year over, where do they go to? It’s a mystery. Now it’s December, so much to remember before Christmas Eve” – sings Dave, thinking about the presents to give to his family members, in the train, while heading for work. “I’m already late and my train is delayed, disruptions on the line” – continues the song, who depicts thus one of the “issues” encountered by modern British. “I race into work, and the place is berserk, Yes, it’s Christmas time. I want to find the greatest gift I can give my family. But right now I don’t have time to breathe” – complains Dave, as he is overwhelmed by duties and doesn’t find time to search for the “greatest gift”.
“The streets are chaotic, the shops idiotic, there’s a queue for the queue. A granny’s taking the time at the front of the line. There’s a party at work and the manager’s twerkin’ inappropriately. To top off the day, another train is delayed, it’s a catastrophe. I’d like to spend the time with the ones I love so dear, I’m trying to find the greatest gift I can give my family, I don’t have time, there’s only one of me. Tell me how do people do it all? I’ll never get it done” – thinks Dave. But then he sees a gingerbread man on his daughter’s bedside table which looks like him and an idea comes to his mind. “If only there were a way to be in two places at one. If I wasn’t alone, what if I had a clone, I could do so much more. It would all be a breeze, with a couple more mes, I’d have time galore” – says Dave, who starts creating more versions of himself to carry out his duties at work.
“I want to find the greatest gift I can give my family. The greatest gift I can give is ME!” – he concludes. “Now I can meet with the boss, and empty out my inbox all simultaneously, Leaving me time to spend with my family and friends, where I want to be”.
The advert ends with pictures of families together at the Christmas table, singing “The greatest gift I can give is ME!”.

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