REWE Werbung Lied Weihnachten 2016 – Die Schwiegermutter

REWE Weihnachten 2016 - Die Schwiegermutter

REWE Weihnachten 2016 – Die Schwiegermutter

Title: REWE – Weihnachten wird ein Fest

HP: “Die Schwiegermutter an Weihnachten beeindrucken? Gar nicht so einfach. Zum Glück gibt’s bei REWE alles, um selbst dem anspruchsvollsten Gast ein Lächeln auf die Lippen zu zaubern – so wird Weihnachten ein Fest”.


Oh ja, ähm. Meine Mutter Kommt zu Weihnachten.
(Oh, by the way, my mother’s coming for Christmas).

Song: Gloria Gaynor – I will survive (Lyrics)


At first I was afraid, I was petrified
I kept thinkin’ I could never make a festival meal with pride
But then I spent so many nights making sure things won’t go wrong
And I grew strong and I learned how to get along
So I went back, back to my place
I just walked in imagined you with a disappointed face
I should have changed that stupid pot
I should have made a different sauce
If I’d known for just one second you’d have helped me out, of course
Go on now, go, walk out the door
Just turn around now, ’cause I’ll make it god for sure
Weren’t you the one who thought I would give up and cry?
Did you think I’d crumble?
Did you think I’d lay down and die?
Oh not I, I will survive

Scheiße! Ist das lecker! (Sh.t! This is delicious!)

Rewe. Dein Markt

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