Old Navy Boxing Fight Commercial – Amy Schumer

 Old Navy Boxing Fight - Amy Schumer

Old Navy Boxing Fight – Amy Schumer

Old Navy has released a new commercial starring Amy Schumer, to advertise the knockout deal valid from 23rd to 25th November in stores only.

The 30-second spot, titled “Fight Night”, features the American actress as a box fighter ahead of a match valuing $100K. Her enthusiasm vanishes, though, in the blink of an eye upon seeing her opponent, justifying that she has to walk her cats.

Pushed to step into the ring and fight for her life, she asks if there isn’t an easier way to make a $100K and she gets the answer right away, from one of her crew members.
“Sure, Old Navy is giving away $100K every day through Black Friday. Plus it’s 50% off your entire purchase” – says the man.

Immediately after learning this, she decides to bail out and head for Old Navy.
“You keep in touch with me, girl. I’m going to Old Navy” – says Amy, letting out a shriek.

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