M&S Christmas Advert 2016 – Christmas with love from Mrs Claus

M&S Christmas 2016

M&S Christmas 2016

Marks&Spencer has launched the Christmas 2016 ad campaign, introducing Mrs. Claus as the new Christmas icon.

The 3-minute-spot, titled “Christmas with Love”, features actress Janet McTeer as Mrs. Claus, taking care of Santa, but, most importantly, making Christmas complete for a little boy, whose letter to Santa arrived too late. After reading the it, Mrs. Claus decides to fulfill his wish, so she puts on a red dress, takes an helicopter, and goes to his house, in London. Thus, the boy’s wish, to give his sister Anna a pair of trainers, comes trues thanks to Mrs. Claus, who delivers, entering the front door, a pair of red glittery trainers in a box, which contains also a message: “To Anna, Jake wanted you to have this. With love, Mrs. Claus”.

Seeing her Christmas present, Anna bursts into tears and hugs her younger brother, Jake, who has written in his letter to Santa: “You might think I don’t like my sister very much, but I do. I love her a lot. And I want her to be happy at Christmas”.

The video ends with Santa returning home on Christmas morning and finding a present for him. Asking how it got there, he doesn’t receive an answer, as his wife doesn’t want to reveal all her secrets. Eventually, they cuddle up smiling.

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