Metallica New Album Commercial Song 2016 – You Don’t Say No To Metallica

You Don't Say No To Metallica

You Don’t Say No To Metallica

The Mercury Music Group in France has released a funny commercial promoting Metallica’s latest album, “Hardwired… To Self-Destruct”, available now in stores.

The spot, launched with the hashtag #YouDontSayNoToMetallica, starts with a little boy and his grandmother in a living room, staying on vintage armchairs one in front of another, with a Christmas gift on the table for the kid. A golden pendulum clock, placed on the chimney, is ticking in the background, along with a nice relaxing music. The boy unwraps shyly the present and finds a pair of black gloves with fingers only for the index finger and the small finger. As he puts them on and tries them out, he still seems to have some problems understanding their utility, but when his granny makes the “You Rock” hand sign, he gets it and a smile appears on his face.
As the filming angle changes, viewers get to see the wall behind the old lady, which is full of objects related to Metallica. She is definitely

one of the band’s avid fans! At this point, the song playing in the background changes, as well. This time, we get to hear an instrumental part of the track “Atlas, Rise!” from the new album.
The final onscreen line is “You Don’t Say No To Metallica”.

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