Mercedes-Benz Winter Event Commercial – Santa Claus

Mercedes-Benz Commercial - Santa Claus

Mercedes-Benz Commercial – Santa Claus

Mercedes Benz has released a new commercial in order to advertise the company’s Winter Sales Event.
The 30-second spot, titled “Switcheroo”, features Santa Claus as he is ready to leave with his heavy sack to all the kids around the world. This time, though, he doesn’t use the slope anymore, but a red Mercedes AMG GT S.
“How else do you think he gets around so fast?”, asks the voiceover, inviting you to hurry and take the Mercedes you’ve always wanted, at the Winter Event, because offers end soon.
At this sales event drivers will have the chance to get limited-time deals on the newest models that Mercedes-Benz has to offer, and to save

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