McDonald’s UK Christmas Advert Song 2016 – Juliette The Doll

McDonald's Christmas Advert - Juliette The Doll

McDonald’s Christmas Advert – Juliette The Doll

McDonald’s UK has released the Christmas advert, featuring Juliette, a lonely wooden doll from a toyshop, who comes to life and finds love at McDonald’s on Christmas Eve.

The 90-second spot shows how Juliette, placed by the toyshop owner in the window at the beginning of the festive season, hoping that someone will buy her, looks at the McDonald’s from across the street, where people meet friends and seem to have a wonderful time in each other’s company.

On Christmas Eve, being still alone in the window, Juliette decides to run away from the store directly to McDonald’s. After risking her life through the snow and among the cars, she enters the fast-food restaurant and meets a shiny new “Meteor Mike” spaceman doll, who falls in love with her and invites her to follow him.

As the advert ends, we see Juliette in a plastic bag next to her “boyfriend”, greeting the old and kind toyshop owner, who waves goodbye.

The theme song is “Juliette The Doll” by Woodwork Music.

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