Mastercard Hugh Jackman Commercial – Next Chapter

Mastercard Hugh Jackman Commercial

Mastercard Hugh Jackman Commercial

Mastercard has released a new commercial, inviting to take a look at how Hugh Jackman experiences new cities and to look on their website for the #NextChapter contest, where you can win a holiday with your loved one worth up to HK$150.000.

Created with the idea that travel is about the experience, not just about the sights, the 38-second spot features the Australian actor giving travel tip #1 for exploring a new destination.

“Every place you go to has something unique. And I think it’s really important to do that as an experience because you can only do it there.

I like to listen to the locals. I love to travel on public transport. When I get there, if I can, I like to eat local cuisine” – says Jackman, revealing that in Singapore he has eaten kaya toast (prepared with kaya, which is coconut jam, a topping of sugar, coconut milk and eggs, pandan, and sometimes margarine or butter).

He also says that he doesn’t necessarily goes to fancy places as he prefers feeling he’s had an authentic experience and recommends you to ask a cab driver because they will always give it to you straight.

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