Huawei Christmas Commercial Song 2016 – Be Present

Huawei Christmas Commercial

Huawei Christmas Commercial

Huawei has released a touching Christmas commercial, inviting you to put your smartphone aside and be present, to make the special moments possible.

The 60-second spot features a young boy who craves for his family’s attention on Christmas Eve, but, unfortunately both his parents and his older sister got carried away by their devices. His mother is still concentrated on work, in front of her tablet, his father watches a football match, and his sister stays in her room, chatting with her friends. Thus, his Christmas wish became such a simple one: to spend time with his dear ones. All of a sudden, as he sits near the Christmas tree and his dog, who seems to be the only one sharing his feelings, closes his eyes. When he opens them, he sees his wish becoming reality, with the tree all lit up and the city lights turned on, and, most importantly, his family getting together and showing him affection.

The commercial ends with the onscreen lines “Once a year, put your smartphone aside”.

The track playing in the background is a cover of “Everybody’s got to learn sometime” performed by Tomer Biran & Anat Ben.

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