Best Buy Canada Christmas Commercial Song 2016

Best Buy Christmas Commercial

Best Buy Christmas Commercial

Best Buy Canada has released the Christmas ad, trying to re-capture the childlike magic of holidays.

Created with the idea that “finding the perfect gift for someone can make you feel like a kid again”, the 30-second spot starts with a young spectacled girl carrying a large blue bag of gifts, with the Best Buy logo on it, through the snow. As she arrives home, she tries to find a place to hide it, but a little boy is always watching her. On Christmas morning, the same little girl gives, with a huge smile on her face, a gift box to the boy, who is impatient to see what’s inside.
The next scene reveals that the little girl is actually the boy’s mother, who felt like a kid again thanks to Best Buy.

The commercial ends with the two hugging and with the brand’s tagline, “Best Gifts, Best Buy”.
The song playing in the background is the Christmas carol Jolly Old Saint Nicholas.

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