Baileys Commercial – Don’t Mind If I Baileys

Baileys Commercial

Baileys Commercial

Baileys has released a new ad campaign, aiming to inspire women to take the time to treat themselves.

Created in collaboration with creative agency Mother London, the “Don’t Mind If I Baileys” campaign, described as “unapologetic and indulgent – just like the brand” by the Mother’s Joint Head of Strategy, includes a series of spots, such as: “Don’t Mind If I Baileys after dinner”, “Don’t Mind If I Baileys on the sofa”, and “Don’t Mind If I Baileys before Christmas”.

The “Don’t Mind If I Baileys on the sofa” spot features the hand of a woman who’s clumped on a cosy sofa, near the log fire, and reaches for the popcorn. After grabbing a handful of popcorn, returns to her spot to continue to treat herself. “Couldn’t get any more cosy” – says the voiceover, adding “Don’t Mind If I Baileys. What a treat!”.

The commercial ends with the onscreen line “Please do not forward to those who are under the legal purchase age for alcohol”.

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