Asda Christmas Advert 2016 – Big Dilemma

Asda Christmas Advert 2016

Asda Christmas Advert 2016

Asda’s Christmas ad campaign, created by VCCP, includes a series of funny spots highlighting the wide range of products you can get from Asda for the holidays at unrivaled prices.

The 20-second “Big Dilemma” advert features a young girl walking next to her mother in a park, until she sees in front of her a puddle. When she’s about to put one foot in the puddle, her mother gives her a serious look, as if she gave her daughter two options. Eventually, the latter decides to keep her shoes clean and follow her mother.

The voiceover ends the spot by saying “Toys worth behaving for”, which explains the girl’s decision. The supermarket chain also highlights that there is RollBack on hundreds of toys, which allows Santa to put a few extra toys in his sack.

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