Apple Music Commercial Song – Drake vs. Bench Press

Drake vs. Bench Press

Drake vs. Bench Press

From the latest series of commercials released by Apple to advertise Apple Music, the one starring Drake is definitely to be mentioned.

The American rapper is shown as he prepares to work out at the gym, on a bench press. “Light work” – he says while lifting two easy weights.

“No mercy this year” – shouts to his trainer, while in the background his single “Sneakin'”, performed with 21 Savage is playing.

Before starting, though, he selects from his curated playlists another song: Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood. He sings along with the music as the music plays and, moreover, dances in his own style. When he sits on the bench press to begin the real weight lifting, he doesn’t manage to lift it and he falls down.

The spot ends with the onscreen line “Distractingly good”.

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