Apple MacBook Pro Commercial Song – Bulbs

Apple MacBook Pro Commercial

Apple MacBook Pro Commercial

Apple has released the first TV commercial featuring the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

The 90-second spot, titled “Bulbs”, highlights that “Ideas have always pushed the world forward” and displays shuttering bulbs and some of the inventions, innovations and discoveries that have pushed the world forward, such as fire, the wheel, writing, the plow, electricity, gravity, the automobile, flying principles, the magnifying glass, glasses, binoculars, the telephone, the typewriter, the toilet paper, microwaves, television, rockets, space travel, robotics, and various other major monuments to humankind.

The song used in the ad is Gioachino Rossini’s “William Tell Overture”.

The spot ends by displaying the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, after the onscreen line “Introducing a tool for all the ideas to come”.

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