Apple Frankenstein Commercial – Frankie’s Holiday

Apple Christmas Commercial - Frankenstein

Apple Christmas Commercial – Frankenstein

Apple has released a holiday commercial, inviting you to open your heart to everyone.

The 2-minute-long spot, titled “Frankie’s Holiday”, features Frankenstein as he leaves his isolated home on the Christmas Eve, after having recorded a small music box on his iPhone 7 using Voice Memos. He heads off to the town, where the big Christmas tree has been placed, with the intention to sing a Christmas carol and to entertain people with a bulbs trick.

Arrived in the middle of the crowd, he takes out his phone, plays the music and starts singing “Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays”. If, at first, people are reluctant and some of them even aggressive, shouting at him to go home, their attitude changes after a little girl continues the carol from where Frankie has stopped. “Cause no matter how far away you roam, when you pine for the sunshine of a friendly gaze, for the holidays you can’t beat home sweet home”.

As the ad progresses we see the whole crowd joining in, which almost brings tears of joy in Frankenstein’s eyes as this is “the warm welcome he’s always yearned for”.

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