Amazon Echo Commercial Song – The Break Up

Amazon Echo Commercial - The Break Up

Amazon Echo Commercial – The Break Up

Amazon Echo helps you save the day when your daughter is suffering after a breakup – this is the idea behind the latest commercial for Amazon Echo, titled “The Break Up”.

The 30-second spot features a father whose daughter has locked herself in her room after breaking up with her boyfriend. Confronted with a refuse to open the door, he asks Alexa to play the song that goes “Oh, take these broken wings”. Alexa recognizes the song “Broken Wings” by Mr. Mister and starts playing it from Amazon Music. The man starts singing along, which makes the girl open the door and give him a hug.

The next moment, her boyfriend shows up under her window, calling her, but her father asks Alexa to turn on the sprinklers, which she does immediately, wetting the boy and making him leave.

The track “Broken Wings” is from the album “Welcome to the Real World” released in 1985 by the American pop rock band Mr. Mister.

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