Aldi Commercial – Cheese

Aldi Commercial - Cheese

Aldi Commercial – Cheese

Aldi US has released a new commercial, highlighting their convenient prices.

The 30-second spot, titled “Say Cheese”, features a woman sitting at the table, with two plates with cheese on her left and on her right. While one of them contains other supermarkets white cheddar, at $4.20, the other one contains white cheddar from Aldi, at $2.49.
“I like this cheese and I like this cheese. What I don’t like is how crazy my husband gets with his camera about the holidays” – says the woman while her husband approaches with the camera.
“What have you got there?”, he asks her, ready to take a photo.
“Nothing”, she answers.
“No, you’re not”.
“Cheese”, says his wife, looking at the camera.

He thus manages to take the photo he’s wanted and starts laughing, leaving her with a nausea-like look.

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