2016 Games: Watch Dogs 2 – Trailer Song

Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft has released the launch trailer for Watch Dogs 2, scheduled to be released on November 15 for PS4 and Xbox One and on November 29 for Microsoft Windows.

The upcoming action-adventure video game, the sequel to the 2014’s Watch Dogs, features Marcus Holloway and his group of hackers struggling to bring down a citywide operating system which profiled him as a criminal risk and to return power to the people.

The track playing in the background is Undeniable by Donnie Daydream ft. Richie Sosa.


The majority of the blow wouldn’t last five minutes in my size 10s
And even less time looking through my eye lens
I started out with like 20, I’m down to five friends
Started out with a penny, gunned it for five cents
Started out with the henny and then the kush came
Last time I freaked out and ain’t been high since
I’m on the fence shorty trying to send her rents
But how I’m gonna get top when I ain’t even got tints
And she don’t gotta lose her top, she don’t even got tits
So I’m praying that this creepy bus driver don’t glimpse
I’m rollin’
You would think my whip was stolen
In my past life I picked all that cotton in your clothing
I’m swollen like I hit a beehive with a Boeing
737 with my arms to the heavens like
Drop zone till the block’s gone
Can’t you tell we ran up out of options?

This ain’t a choir group
Tell the entire troop
And let it set you free we undeniable

We undeniable..

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