T-Mobile Ariana Grande Commercial Song 2016 – Road Trip

T-Mobile Ariana Grande Commercial 2016 - Road Trip

T-Mobile Ariana Grande Commercial 2016 – Road Trip

Ariana Grande stars in a new commercial for T-Mobile, released to remind you that you should “never settle for a plan with limited data” and suggesting to get T-Mobile One as there is one price and unlimited data for everyone.

The 30-second spot, titled “Road Trip”, stars the 23-year-old singer in a car with a young girl, singing together her latest single “Side to Side”. At one point, though, the girl at the driving wheel receives a notification from her network, Verizon, informing her that 90% of the available data has been used. Immediately after seeing this, “forced” to choose between streaming music and getting directions, she asks Ariana to go away (meaning that she must stop the music), arguing that she needs directions in order to get home.
“You’re gonna choose navigation over me?”, asks Ariana disappointed before “teleporting” herself outside the car, in the middle of nowhere.
“Girl, you’d better get on T-Mobile”, she shouts behind the car.
The spot ends with the voiceover asking you “why pay more for data limits?” and introducing T-Mobile One, which includes unlimited data for everyone. “Get 4 lines for just $35/month”.

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