Apple Accessibility Commercial 2016 – Sady

Apple Accessibility Commercial 2016 - Sady Paulson

Apple Accessibility Commercial 2016 – Sady Paulson

Apple has released a short film starring Sady Paulson, a disabled young woman, in order to showcase how Apple products, with their built-in accessibility features, enable people to do what they love, regardless of their condition.

The video starts with Sady in her room, being helped to dress by a caregiver, who also brushes her hair. The next scene features Sady sitting at her desk, working with an iMac and moving her head to operate switches on her headrest.
She is the voiceover in the ad, saying: “People think that having a disability is a barrier. But that’s not the way I see it. You can still catch up with friends. You can capture a moment with your family. And you can start the day bright and early. You can take a trip to somewhere new. You can concentrate on every word of a story. You can take the long way home. Or edit a film. When technology is designed for everyone, it lets anyone do what they love. Including me”.
Her phrases are illustrated with several disabled persons who get to do what they like thanks to Apple products, such as a young man using sign language on a FaceTime call and a young woman signing back, a blind man taking a photo of his son with an iPhone, a woman in a wheelchair using her iPhone to open motorized curtains and turn on the lights, a man selecting the outdoor setting on his iPhone.

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