Just Eat TV Advert 2016 – Britain, Find Your Flavour

Just Eat TV Advert - Find Your Flavour

The online food order and delivery service Just Eat has released a new TV ad inviting to find the food you love no matter what the occasion and to order takeaway at their website.

The 40-second spot, titled “Britain, Find Your Flavour”, starts with a slightly cracked egg from a woman’s fridge saying to her that “when it comes to getting what you really want, it’s not what’s in the fridge that counts. It’s what’s in your heart” and continues with several people dreaming with their eyes open and mentioning out loud the food they love, such as “pizza with ham”, “salad nicoise”, “dumplings”, “fried rice”, and others.
The ad ends with the voiceover saying that “the food you really want is just a tap away. Just Eat. Find Your Flavour”.

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