Planetarium (2016 Movie) – Trailer Song

Planetarium (2016 Movie)

Planetarium (2016 Movie)

Natalie Portman and Lili-Rose Depp are sisters believed to possess the supernatural ability to connect with ghosts in the upcoming French-Belgian drama Planetarium.

Set in pre-war France, where the two sisters meet a visionary producer while performing in Paris, the film is directed by Rebecca Zlotowski and stars also Louis Garrel, Emmanuel Salinger, Amira Casar, Pierre Salvadori and others.
While its world premiere will take place at the Venice Film Festival, the release in theaters is slated for November 16.
The track used in the official international trailer is “My Tunnels Are Long And Dark These Days” by Asaf Avidan.


You, my friend
You have nothing to fear, my friend
Except for love
We’re moles my friend
We are just moles my friend
Blind against the dark
That’s where we belong

The hungry crocodiles are dancing in the light
But what’s up there besides the darkness of the night?

Forget them, friend
You better hear, my friend
Where the tunnels never end
To love is to pretend
Don’t try to love yourself again
That is the worst kind of pain
We’re not those kind of freaks, amen
We’re a different site and breed of men
Up there they’re drinking down the day
They mix it with the chardonnay
They try to keep the dark at bay
Down here the darkness stays..

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