New Balance Abbey D’Agostino Commercial 2016 – Heart of a Champion

New Balance Abbey D'Agostino Commercial 2016

New Balance Abbey D’Agostino Commercial 2016

New Balance has released a new video featuring Abbey D’Agostino, the American runner honored with the Fair Play award at the Olympic Games for having exemplified sportsmanship during the 5.000 m race.

After an unfortunate collision with New Zealander Nikki Hamblin, D’Agostino got up and helped the latter to her feet before she fell back onto the track in pain. D’Agostino was ultimately unable to compete for a medal due to the fact that she tore her ACL during the collision, but she didn’t return home empty-handed, as the International Fair Play Committee decided to award her for her gesture.
The 35-second video released by New Balance, titled “Heart of a Champion”, features D’Agostino talking about this experience: “I don’t regret, I don’t feel better about it. I’m actually thankful because it taught me a lot about myself and my relationship to the sport and the need to be kind of liberated from the pressures that I think impose upon myself and when running is something we do but not who we are it just changes the way you race and act and think. And so I think I really was put in a position where I had to want to live that out”.

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