Hershey’s Kisses Chocolates Commercial 2016 – A Kisses Family

Hershey’s Kisses Chocolates Commercial

Hershey’s has released a new commercial highlighting that family life can be busy, but happy moments can shine through with KISSES chocolates.
The 60-second spot features a family with four kids, sharing their everyday experience.
“Four kids in five years. Craziness! We are always on the run. Drop-off, pick-up, who’s gonna go where. So it’s very important to have a moment to connect with each one of them. Every new day is an adventure” – says the mother, while driving the kids to school.

“Family to us is pretty much everything and Daniella is really the anchor of the household, in keeping everyone together. Makes her happy which in return makes me happy. Definitely is chaos, but for us it’s good chaos” – says the father.
“Everyday moments can become great memories for tomorrow. Family, precious kisses. It’s a connection we have to meet. It’s just perfect” – adds the mother.
The spot ends with the brand’s tagline: “Say it with a kiss”.