Devour Foods Commercial 2016 – Pool Guy

Devour Foods Commercial - Pool Guy

Devour Foods Commercial – Pool Guy

Devour Foods have released a new commercial showcasing the obscenely creamy new frozen meals, in their #FoodYouWantToFork
The 30-second spot features a curvy blonde woman flirting with her pool guy, who is eating chicken enchilada suiza from Devour.
Wearing nothing but his suimsuit, the young man says:
“Oh, yeah, these chicken enchilada suizas are so creamy, Mrs. S”.
“You like your Devour creamy, pool guy?”, asks the woman.
“Oh, I like my Devour real creamy”.
“I see you’ve got a real big appetite”.
“Just can’t get enough of this creamy goodness”.
“So creamy”, says the woman trying to make him look at her.
The pool guy, though, can’t raise his eyes from his meal.
“Creamy cream”, he says.
The woman, becoming more desperate, starts spelling “creamy”.
“Oh yeah”, they both say, each thinking about his own reason.
At this point, the woman’s husband enters the kitchen and shouts:
“You’re eating my meal, you punk”.
After looking at the woman, who acts as if she didn’t know anything about that, he takes his cleaning tool and leaves, with the food in
his hands.
The spot ends with the voiceover saying the brand’s tagline: “Food You Want to Fork”.

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