The National Lottery Team GB Advert Song 2016

The National Lottery Team GB Advert 2016

The National Lottery Team GB Advert 2016

The National Lottery has released a new TV advert to show its support to Team GB at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, and to inform its players that they are all part of Team GB.

The 40-second animated spot, titled “By supporting The National Lottery, you’re part of Team GB”, features thousands of lottery tickets flying out from people’s houses to support the Olympic athletes.
The song playing in the background is “Nothing But Love”, performed by the Manchester band James.


Nothing but love gives the world some meaning
Nothing but love is the drug of healing
Lover be soft, lover be bold
Earthquake, avalanche, volcano

Nothing but love
I’ve got nothing but love

Nothing but love stops the mind from grinding
Nothing but love flushes hearts from hiding
Deeper we dive, nowhere to hide
Earthquake, avalanche, and goodbye

Nothing but love fills the hole I’m hiding
Nothing but love from the well we’re drinking
Into the highs deal with the lows
Earthquake, avalanche, volcano..

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