Tesco Mobile Advert Song 2016 – Smile, you’re on Tesco Mobile

Smile, you're on Tesco Mobile Advert 2016

Smile, you’re on Tesco Mobile Advert 2016

Tesco Mobile has launched a new advert to spread the message that “this summer with Tesco Mobile you can use your phone in 31 European countries just like you do at home”.
The 40-second spot features several ways a vacation can start or turn bad some days, making you lose your good mood, such as having an annoying kid in front of your seat, in the airplane, having your luggage open in the airport, with all the lingerie at sight, passing with the car loaded with stuff through a barrier and having it destroyed, falling with the hammock while you enjoy a cocktail, getting sunburned with glasses and the shape of your hand on the belly, having the flight cancelled and be forced to sleep in the airport.
All this time, the song “Smile”, sung by Nat King Cole, is playing in the background, until the voiceover starts saying: “Holidays and more. At least Tesco Mobile gives you something to smile about. Like using your phone this summer in 31 European countries just as you do at home, at no extra cost. So, no scary bills. Well, not from us, anyway”.
The ad features, at the end, two boys at the pool, to whom a waiter brings a tray full of goodies, and who seem to have no problem with paying for all that.

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