Subaru Crosstrek Commercial Song 2016 – Crossroads

Subaru Crosstrek Commercial 2016 - Crossroads

Subaru Crosstrek Commercial 2016 – Crossroads

Subaru has released a new commercial, titled “Crossroads”, to advertise the Subaru Crosstrek.

The 30-second spot features a young couple in their Subaru who, arrived at a crossroad, must choose where to go. Their options are, on one hand, the forest and, implicitly carrying out outdoor activities, and, on another hand, the shopping mall. Eventually, they choose the off-road.
The voiceover invites you to explore the “great big world out there” with the Subaru Crosstrek and adds, at the end, the company’s tagline, “Love – It’s What Makes Subaru a Subaru”.
The song playing in the background is “In The Park” by the American garage rock band The JuJus.

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