Sheba Perfect Portions Commercial Song 2016 – What Cats Want

Sheba Perfect Portions Commercial 2016

Sheba Perfect Portions Commercial 2016

Sheba has launched a new commercial, titled “What Cats Want”, to advertise the Sheba Perfect Portions, which represent “the convenient way” to serve cats “a fresh meal every time, with no leftovers”.
The 30-second spot features a man entering his house and making out with a woman. Their passionate kiss is interrupted by his cat’s hypnotizing look, demanding for food. The guy, who is almost naked, leaves the girl in a corner and follows the pet in the kitchen, as if he were in a trance. He then takes from the fridge a Sheba Perfect Portion and feeds the cat. When his date comes in, the situation turns awkward, but at least his pet is happy.
The track used in this ad is “Can’t Fight This Feeling”, performed by the American rock band REO Speedwagon.

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