SEAT Ateca Commercial 2016 – All that we are. Discover SEAT

SEAT Ateca Commercial 2016

SEAT Ateca Commercial 2016

“Maybe it’s time for you to change your point of view and discover a great brand you were not expecting” – this is the idea behind SEAT’s
latest commercial, released to advertise the new SEAT Ateca.
In order to illustrate this idea, the Spanish automobile manufacturer resorted to an interesting analogy. In the 60-second spot, the voiceover says: “In 1968, Apollo 8 crossed the far side of the Moon. For the first time in the history of mankind, astronauts saw something
emerging in the night sky that fascinated them: the Earth rising. The Major General wrote in his diary “We were all surprised to have traveled¬†240.000 miles to see the moon when the Earth was what really worth contemplating”.
The ad ends with the message “Sometimes, a different point of view makes you realize the great things around you. Discover SEAT”.

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