Reebok Polartec Alpha Commercial 2016 – Endless Warmth

Reebok Polartec Alpha Commercial 2016

Reebok Polartec Alpha Commercial 2016

Reebok’s latest commercial features One Series Polartec Alpha, created with active insulation that regulates core body temperatures during both dynamic and static activities.

In the 43-second spot, displaying a man running on the Continental Divide trail, the voiceover says: “At 12.000 feet on the Continental Divide, weather changes are fast and extreme. But in these conditions Reebok’s Polartec Alpha fleece keep you warm without adding extra weight. The military grade insulation regulates warmth, while durable water resistant fabric protects you from the elements. This season don’t let winter slow you down. Run warm. Run long with Polartec Outfit Technology”.

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