Procter&Gamble Commercial Song 2016 – Thank You, Mom – Strong

P&G Commercial 2016 - Thank You, Mom - Strong

P&G Commercial 2016 – Thank You, Mom – Strong

Procter&Gamble and Head&Shoulders launched a new commercial to celebrate the world’s athletes at the 2016 Olympic Games, and also the person whose strength inspired them along the way: Mom.

Released with the slogan “It takes someone strong to make someone strong” and titled “Thank you, Mom – Strong”, the 57-second video, which is a shorter version of the video released two months ago as part of the “Thank you, Mom” campaign, illustrates the strength and support a mom can give to her child.
The final frame shows the gymnast that feared a storm as a child, at the beginning of the video, embracing her mother after performing at the Olympic game. The track playing in the background is “Experience” by Ludovico Einaudi.
The video continues with the ad for Head & Shoulders, featuring world’s athletes as well. The voiceover says:
“Shoulders – they carry years of hard work, for one single dream. Shoulders carry a team’s hopes, the nation’s pride, the weight of defeat, the elation of victory. Shoulders carry the drive to keep training day after day after day. For the chance to break the unbreakable. Because shoulders were made for greatness, not dandruff”.

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