Nike Unlimited Future Baby Commercial Song 2016 – Bobby Cannavale

Nike Unlimited Future Baby Commercial 2016

Nike Unlimited Future Baby Commercial 2016

The latest Nike’s commercial, titled “Unlimited Future”, features Bobby Cannavale giving a motivational speech to several babies sitting in their beds, in a large room.

The 58-second video is part of the “Unlimited Campaign”, which encourages all athletes to embrace an “unlimited” mindset, and stars the Vinyl actor in a very serious, quite dramatic, situation. He enters the room and, after turning the music off, says: “Listen up, babies. Life’s not fair. You get no say in the world you’re born into. You don’t decide your name”.

At this point, he passes near the Neymar Jr’s bed. “You don’t decide where you come from” (baby Serena Williams is shown in her bed). “You don’t decide if you have a place to call home” (baby Lebron James is shown). “Or if your whole family has to leave the country” (baby Mo Farah is shown in her bed).
At this point, one of the babies starts crying. “Ya, it’s messed up”, continues the man in black. “You don’t decide how the world judges a person like you”. Baby Zhoui Qi smiles at him. “You don’t decide how your story begins, but you do get to decide how it ends”. Then a baby boy stands up and the man exclaims “Yes!”.
In the last seconds of the spot, which ends with the onscreen lines “Unlimited Future” and “Just Do It”, the track “Kicking Down Doors”, from Beats of the Beautiful Game LP, by Santigold is used.

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