Massey’s Pizza Commercial Song 2016 – Fire Baked Pizza

Massey's Pizza Commercial 2016

Massey’s Pizza Commercial 2016

Massey’ s Pizza’s latest commercial showcases the elements that make their pizza have the “perfect pizza taste”.
The spot starts with a man eating a slice of pizza in his car and singing “You can’t fake the bake”, a funny cover of the 1999 single “Stop the Rock”, by the British band Apollo 440.
The voiceover mentions the main things that differentiate Massey’ s Pizza by other pizza places, making their pizza unique: “traditional Italian recipes, top-quality ingredients and open flames”.
Massey’s Pizza is baked only in open flame deck ovens, which give you, according to the ad, “a fire baked pizza with a crust crispy enough for all of these toppings”. “You won’t get that from a conveyor belt oven”, adds the voiceover, who says, at the end, the Massey’s slogan: “Massey’s Pizza – The Cadillac of Pizza”.

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