Hefty Ultra-Strong Trash Bags Commercial 2016 – John Cena – Becoming Cena

Hefty 2016 - John Cena - Becoming Cena

Hefty Commercial 2016 – John Cena – Becoming Cena

Besides “Pec Flex”, John Cena stars also in “Becoming Cena” commercial, released by Hefty to advertise the
Ultra Strong Drawstring Trash Bags, available now at a new low price.

The 37-second spot starts with a couple in a supermarket. The husband, Dave, goes to the shelf with Hefty’s garbage bags and, after after lifting the box he’d dropped on the floor, he turns into John Cena. Amazed and delighted by this transformation, he tries to convince his wife, Deb, that he is her husband, by revealing information only he knows. This ad showcases more Cena’s acting skills, which are not a surprise, since he had a role in Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck. The next scene features another couple who buy Wimpy trash bags. After seeing that she gets a short, spectacled man (played by Rob Schneider), she says with envy: “She got that guy”, pointing out toward John Cena.
The commercial ends with the voiceover inviting you to get the new Hefty Ultra-Strong with Arm & Hammer Odor Control. “Now Costs Less Than Glad”.

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