Christian Dior Rihanna Sunglasses – Behind The Scenes

Christian Dior Rihanna Sunglasses

Rihanna designed a collection of futuristic sunglasses for Christian Dior and the latter has released a behind-the-scenes video, featuring the singer, who is the brand ambassador for the French fashion house, talking about her endeavor.

The 60-second footage starts with Rihanna sporting a pair from the collection, entitled simply “Rihanna”.
“I really wanted to do something fun. I thought maybe I can merge plastic to yore, but still do something sleek and futuristic, something bright, sunny, colorful, and eclectic. Those are the things that really came to mind”, says Rihanna. Regarding the team she worked with, she says they have been “always up for a challenge”, and “able to execute exactly what” she wanted. “I can’t wait for everybody else to be able to have these”, is her last phrase.