Burger King Chester Mac n’ Cheetos Commercial 2016

Burger King Chester Mac n' Cheetos

Burger King Chester Mac n’ Cheetos

Burger King’s latest commercial introduces Chester Cheetah unboxing the summer’s hottest drop, Burger King Mac n’ Cheetos.
With a pair of sunglasses on, Chester talks to the camera like a real star: “Hello, friends, it’s me, Chester Cheetah. When I said I wanted my Mac n’ Cheese to be handheld, they all said the same thing: “look, a talking cheetah!”. So I collaborated with Burger King and today I’m unboxing the only Mac n’ Cheetos. Let’s begin! You have your classic box shape, some sort of flappy thing. Just look at these beauties. You can tell they’re original by the orange cheetos detail. Finally, a way to eat Mac and Cheese that won’t show up on your fur. Something we can all relate to. Cheetos crispiness outside, creamy mac and cheese inside. Cheese with inner cheese. Mindblown. Final review: two cheetah thumbs up. This exclusive collaboration is for a limited time, only at Burger King”.

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