Vonage Business Commercial 2016 – Mars Landing

Vonage Business Commercial 2016 - Mars Landing

Vonage Business Commercial 2016

Humankind accomplishes incredible things through technology, but we still feel stuck in the past when it comes to business technology – this is Vonage’s opinion.
Believing that businesses deserve seamless cloud communication solutions that are actually easy to use, the American Internet telephony service provider released a funny commercial to express this idea.
The 32-second spot, titled “Mars Landing”, features a team celebrating the successful landing on Mars. When the president calls to congratulate them and asks to switch to a video call, the team leader says there’s no problem, but actually the video call doesn’t work and they make a fool of themselves. The president starts saying “Congratulations” and, before he finishes pronouncing the entire word, the service collapses.
The ad ends with the voiceover saying “It’s about time business communications caught up. Go from an audio call to a video-conference by pushing a button. Vonage. Business Grade. People Friendly”.


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