Verizon Commercial Song 2016 – Jamie Foxx – I Got Verizon

Verizon Commercial 2016 - Jamie Foxx

Verizon Commercial 2016 – Jamie Foxx

HP: “Drop tracks, not connections. That’s how we do it on America’s best network”.

HT: #IGotVerizon

I Got Verizon – Jamie Foxx aka Past (Future’s Father)


They call me the past my son is Future
I taught that boy everything
I got Verizon. I got Verizon. It’s me on the street
If you walk up to me with AT&T we fighting
I’m your provider. Cause when you start dialing
You running outside. You stand in the street and scream like I got Verizon. Verizon
You got to have Verizon cause when you get Verizon the whole world’s connected
That’s what I’m saying
It’s ain’t about can you hear me now.

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