Tesco TV Advert 2016 – Ruth Jones & Ben Miller – Watermelon

Tesco TV Advert 2016 - Ruth Jones & Ben Miller

Tesco TV Advert 2016 – Ruth Jones & Ben Miller

The latest Tesco’s advert, released on the 1st of June, to promote their “No Quibbles” policy, has been the subject to many criticisms.
The 30-second spot, titled “Watermelon”, features a woman who, after getting home with a big watermelon, tells her husband that she wants to swap it because she changed her mind.
Despite her husband’s first reaction (“Are you mad?”), the lady heads off to the car, telling him, in the meantime, the justification for returning the watermelon. “I’ll tell them I’m long sighted and I mistook it for a large grape”. Leaving jokes aside, she decides to tell at the store that she wanted a pineapple instead.
The next scene shows her receiving a pineapple from a smiling Consumer Support employee.
The voiceover says at the end: “If, for any reason, you change your mind about a purchase, we’ll happily refund it or exchange it”, and a note specifies that watermelons and large grapes are included in this policy.
Many people complained about this ad and about this policy, referring to the possible health implications, and say they won’t buy any more¬†fresh food from Tesco until this campaign is lifted.

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