Sprint Commercial 2016 – Copa America Centenario

Sprint Commercial 2016 - David Beckham

Sprint Commercial 2016 – David Beckham

Sprint have launched a new ad on the 10th of June, on the occasion of The Copa America Centenario as official partner of the event (held between the 3rd and 26th of June), to promote their network, and for the purpose they brought in David Beckham.
The 30-second spot, titled “Whistle”, starts with the British football legend handing over to a young boy a whistle, which the latter uses to mark the start of the tournament. The voiceover says: “Connect to your passion on the Sprint network, whose reliability is now within 1% of horizon and save 50% on most Verizon ratings”.
The next scene features Beckham saying to the referee “We’re all connected” in Spanish and “Start the game” in English.
While the people on the stadium applause, he backs away, talking to the camera: “I just don’t get it. Why pay twice as much for just a 1% difference?”.
The commercial ends with the voiceover’s recommendation: “Get a free Samsung Galaxy Tab E with a new line activation plus a free Gear VR when you buy one of the latest Galaxy smartphones. Sprint – Game On”.

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