Spaceman (2016 Movie) – Trailer Song

Spaceman (2016 Movie)

Spaceman is an upcoming baseball drama film following the story of the famous pitcher Bill “Spaceman” Lee, whose love for marijuana and outspoken politics got him excluded from the Major League Baseball.
The cast includes Josh Dushamel as Lee, Ernie Hudson, W. Earl Brown, Sterling K. Brown, Carlos Leal, Peter Mackenzie and Emma Rose Maloney.
Written and directed by Brett Rapskin, Spaceman will be released this summer, on August 19.

Trailer Song: Josefus – Crazy Man


I met a crazy man the other afternoon
And you should have heard the things that he said
He said he knew some things that I couldn’t know too soon
And he spoke of other visions in his head

Crazy man told me you were telling lies
Said there were times where you tried to make me cry