Seventh Generation Commercial Song – Maya Rudolph

Maya Rudolph - Seventh Generation Commercial

Maya Rudolph – Seventh Generation Commercial

The actress and comic Maya Rudolph stars in three ads in a new campaign for Seventh Generation (“Weird Dyes”, “Common Scents” and “Not Blue Goo”), pointing at the substances from the cleaning products.
The environmentally friendly packaged goods marketer released also a 83-second spot named “Maya Knows Best”, which is a combination of the three ads, starring Maya Rudolph saying: “I’m Maya Rudolph. Mother, actor and surprise… I do my own laundry sometimes. I’ve never thought about what was actually in household cleaners until, well, look at this! I call this one Laser-Beam Blue, Spray-tan Orange, Mutant Green. How does a blue goo gets white whiter?
Get ready for a truth bomb! This blue goo leaves a residue to make clothes appear brighter. Quit playing with my eyes, goo! And what’s up with these fragrances? Fiji Funk, Cabo Clean, Siberian Sunbeam, teenagers laundry basket, pork? What does strange smells and crazy colors have to do with clean? Nothing. That’s why Seventh Generation spent 25 years innovating natural products that really clean. Clear as an angel’s giggle. Clear as the morning dew. Uhhh! 100% clean, 0% toxic. Ohh, fresh! Seventh Generation! Real fragrances! Really Clean”.
The video ends with her kissing the Seventh Generation cleaning product.

Commercial Song: Gotthard Welker – Angel Bliss

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