Battle Cry Advert Song 2016 – Kevin Battle Cry Advert 2016 - Kevin Battle Cry Advert 2016 – Kevin launched a new series of TV adverts, titled “Battle Cry”, to promote their mobile app.
The first spot, 30-second long, introduces Kevin, a young employee who is shown squeezing in his hands two plastic glasses full of water and wetting his shirt. While doing this, he shouts as loud as he can, with the epic song “Heart of Courage” (by Two Steps from Hell) playing in the background.
Captain Reed, sitting on a chair behind Kevin, says: “Kevin here has just found his battle cry. He’s had enough of being overworked underpaid. He’s decided it’s time to love Mondays”. After repeating the last two words that Captain Reed said, Kevin gets up and leaves.
The advert ends with the voiceover saying: “Find your battle cry. Get the app and apply for jobs now”.

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