Honda Commercial 2016 – Father’s Day Surprise – Steel Wool

Honda Commercial 2016 - Father's Day Surprise

Honda Commercial 2016 – Father’s Day Surprise

Honda Canada has released a new commercial titled “Father’s Day Surprise”.
The 44-second spot features a man taking breakfast in his bed on Father’s Day who, in the meantime, looks at the card made by his kids for the occasion, with the writing “Daddy good for one free car wash :)”.
Looking out the window, he sees his two kids, boy and girl, washing the car, and his heart fills with emotion. One second later, though, he notices that the boy uses steel wool, so he starts hitting the window and screaming,┬ádesperately, “No”, but no one hears him. The next thing he does is to leave his room and run outside.
The voiceover says: “Fatherhood – so many rewarding moments: first steps, first time riding a bike, and now here they are, surprising you on a special moment”. The emotional speech is interrupted by the man’s dramatic thought upon seeing what his son uses to wash the car: “Wait, what is that? Is that steel wool?”.

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