GEICO Commercial 2016 – Life’s a Beach: More More More

GEICO Commercial 2016 - Life's a Beach

GEICO Commercial 2016 – Life’s a Beach

GEICO returned with a new commercial, titled “Life’s a Beach: More More More”.
The 30-second spot features two guys on the beach, together with their kids, building sand castles.
“Guess what I just did”, says one of them.
“Built a sand castle?”, asked rhetorically the other one.
“Ha, no, I switched to Geico and got more”, says the first guy.
“24/7 access online, on the phone or with the GEICO app”.
“That is more”, confirms the other, sending then his kid to go get some mud.
“All that “more” has to be why they’re the second-largest auto insurer”, says the first guy, whose sand castle becomes bigger and bigger.
“Everybody likes more”, says the other guy, watching his sand castle still small.
“Mmm, I think so”, says again the first one, placing a sand figurine in front of a sand car, parked in front of his huge sand castle.
The spot ends with the voiceover saying: “GEICO – Expect great savings and a whole lot more”.

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