Foot Locker Commercial 2016 – Ben Simmons – It’s Real Now

Foot Locker Commercial 2016 - It's Real Now

Foot Locker Commercial 2016 – It’s Real Now

After being drafted, Ben Simmons finally stars in a real Foot Locker commercial. The advice he gets from last year’s top rookies
is way more real too.
“Getting drafted doesn’t mean a thing. Now the real work starts. This isn’t college. This is a grown-men league”, says Karl-Anthony Towns.
“That’s right. Nothing comes easy anymore”, adds Devin Booker.
“Anything else I should know, D’Angelo?, asks Simmons to D’Angelo Russell.
The latter asks Simmons if he has a phone and, after taking it, he throws it out of the window, in the water, and says: “Trust me”.
Simmons is left speechless, raising his shoulders.

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